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Krescendo consultants can help you get the most out of LiveDataset.

Krescendo Consultants

Our LiveDataset experts can help ensure your LiveDataset project is successful.

From a small & simple pilot to the largest & most complex rollout.

Why Use Krescendo?

LiveDataset is designed so that you can easily work with data and build your business applications yourself — without needing expert assistance.

Krescendo consultants can help any LiveDataset project as much or as little as you want.

  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Developers

The 3 main reasons people use Krescendo consultants are

First LiveDataset Project

We can work side-by-side with you, so get you up to speed quickly using best practices.

Quick start

Complex, Customization Projects

We can address the most complex requirements, integrate systems, optimize performance, and even develop custom plug-ins.


Full Bespoke Solutions

We can deliver the whole project, configuring LiveDataset and developing plug-ins to meet your specific requirements.

Bespoke package


We have used an Agile-based approach since 2001, even if we did not know it was called Agile back then.

Agile process

We believe

  • IT systems should be streamlined and flexible.
  • Prototyping is the most efficient and effective way to understand requirements.
  • Pilots should start soon with people using the system for real.
  • Initial focus should be on people and the data they need.
  • Rapid iteration and change should be encouraged.
  • Non-core elements such as customized screens and formatted reports should wait until the system has ‘bedded-in’.


US largest financial institution needed to

  • Centralize forecasting of 100,000 headcount and divisional expenses.
  • Evaluate efficiency and recruitment initiatives in hundreds of locations.
  • Make budgeting an automated, routine operation.
Financial institution

Results with Krescendo

High-Quality Major increase in accuracy and control with real-time forecasting.
Transparent management of information.
Streamlined Single online system replaces hundreds of spreadsheets.
One small central team instead of dozens of administrators.
Budget simplified, just take a snapshot of the current forecast.
Flexible Designed and customized for client’s specific needs in 2002.
Continuous improvement since, extending and adapting to changing requirements.

GapCap provides cash flow finance to help SMEs grow, they needed to

  • Securely manage complex financial data.
  • Provide a fast flexible online service to customers.


Results with Krescendo

High-Quality Real-time accounting engine managing all financial data and processes.
Full insight into current risks, daily P&Ls, balance sheets, cash flows.
Streamlined Bespoke self-service customer portal provides streamlined service.
Customers can receive funds same day.
Flexible Processes they can continuously adjust in response to customer needs.